Top 10 Things to Do in Flagler Beach

    By Lauren Tjaden

    There are so many things to do in Flagler Beach, a hidden gem, a piece of old-time Florida that has somehow managed to fly under the radar. Located on the Atlantic coast a splash north of Daytona Beach, this hamlet is devoid of high rises and chain restaurants, but rich in charm and wide-open spaces.

    Flagler Beach Attractions & Things to Do

    1. Start the day right with a home-cooked breakfast at Maggie's Café. It feels as if you’ve stepped into another time, where the coffee is hot and rich and the service really does come with a smile. And the scenery can’t be beat: You can watch the sun rise over the waves on the Atlantic as you nosh on European pastries or red potatoes and American favorites like scrambled eggs.

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    2. The beach is one of the main things to do in Flagler Beach and is one of the area’s biggest draws. The cinnamon-hued sand is like everything else in the town: anything but cookie-cutter.

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    3. Enjoy a walk on the Pier, home to the town’s main public beach. Or just pull over by one of the many beach accesses and claim a more private piece of shore.

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    4. The area’s the perfect place to ride a wave, either on your own belly or on a board.

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    5. Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area, at the southern edge of the town, offers even more activities and is one of the top natural Flagler Beach attractions. Besides a beach, it offers an inland waterway that you can explore via kayak. You can pack a lunch and eat at a private island if it pleases you.

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    6. Fishing is another favorite activity, either in the surf, off the pier, or from a boat.

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    7. The town is brimming with mom-and-pop stores and Flagler Beach restaurants, begging you to wander through them or eat on their rooftops.

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    8. One of the joys of the things to do in Flagler Beach is just driving around and soaking up its eccentric vibe; this pirate-themed house is a prime example. Every turn in the road reveals a new oddity, some charming, some intriguing, and some merely confusing.

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    9. For toes-in-the-sand dining, try Snack Jacks, nestled smack-dab on the beach.

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    10. And don’t forget to leave a message on the chalkboard outside of the Funky Pelican, a traditional way to cap off your visit. This one is especially apt!

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    Photos by Lauren Tjaden for VISIT FLORIDA